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Figure01 Robot

 Figure 1 Android Robot 2023:

March 2023

Event: Figure, an AI Robotics company, emerged from stealth to unveil Figure 01, the world's first commercially viable general-purpose humanoid robot.

Details: Designed to address labor shortages and potentially eliminate unsafe and undesirable jobs, the robot is capable of thinking, learning, and interacting with its environment.

Development: The Figure team, consisting of 40 industry experts, completed the full-scale humanoid build in just six months and planned to begin testing in the coming months.

Source: Finance Yahoo - March 2, 2023​​.

May 2023

Event: The Figure 01 robot took its first steps.

Details: The startup celebrated its one-year anniversary on May 20 and had made significant progress with a team from notable companies like Boston Dynamics and Tesla.

Future Plans: The B build of Figure 01 was expected to be completed by July and operational by September.

Source: TechCrunch - May 18, 2023​​​​.

July 2023

Event: Figure announced a $9 million equity investment from Intel Capital.

Details: The funding aimed to accelerate the development of Figure 01 and its AI data pipeline for autonomous operations.

Achievement: The robot took its first walking steps in May, marking a significant technical milestone in humanoid history.

Source: Finance Yahoo - July 17, 2023​​​​.

September 2023

Event: Continued testing and development of the robot’s alpha build.

Details: Figure was working on a second-generation humanoid robot, aiming for it to be feature-complete for commercial operations.

Progress: The company focused on validating the humanoid in commercial operations as a critical milestone.

Source: TechCrunch - September 2023​​.

December 2023

Event: Completion of the robot’s alpha build and ongoing testing.

Details: Figure continued testing the alpha build in their Sunnyvale offices and worked on developing a second-generation humanoid robot for commercial operations.

Source: TechCrunch - December 2023​​.



2024 Advancements for Figure 01


January 2024 Updates

Commercial Agreement with BMW: Figure AI announced a commercial agreement with BMW Manufacturing to deploy general-purpose robots in automotive production environments. The agreement aims to automate difficult, unsafe, or tedious tasks in manufacturing, allowing employees to focus on more complex processes.


February 2024 Updates

Funding and Valuation: Figure AI was in talks to raise as much as $675 million in funding, with a pre-money valuation of roughly $2 billion. Investors included Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Nvidia, and OpenAI, among others. This funding was aimed at accelerating the development of Figure 01 and its deployment in various industries.

Partnership with OpenAI: Figure AI announced a partnership with OpenAI, which would involve integrating OpenAI's AI models, such as GPT language models, DALL-E, and the new video-generator Sora, into Figure 01. This collaboration was expected to enhance the robot's capabilities, particularly in processing and reasoning from language, and accelerate its commercial timeline.


March 2024 Updates

Technological Advancements: Figure AI demonstrated the first fruits of its collaboration with OpenAI, showing Figure 01 engaging in real-time conversations and reasoning as it performed tasks. The robot could describe its visual experiences, plan future actions, use common sense reasoning, reflect on its memory, and explain its reasoning verbally. All behaviors demonstrated were learned and not teleoperated, indicating a significant leap in the robot's autonomous capabilities.

In March 2024, there have been several notable developments regarding the Figure 1 humanoid robot from Figure AI. Here is a summary of the key updates:


Valuation and Investment: Figure AI received a significant valuation of $2.6 billion from investors, including Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, and Microsoft. The company successfully raised $675 million in a funding round led by Microsoft, surpassing its initial target of $500 million.


Partnerships and Collaborations: Figure AI announced a collaboration with OpenAI to develop next-generation AI models for robots. This partnership is expected to accelerate the commercial timeline of Figure AI by enhancing the capabilities of humanoid robots.


Technological Demonstrations: Figure AI showcased the capabilities of the Figure 01 robot through videos. One video demonstrated the robot's ability to walk on two legs, use its fingers to lift a plastic crate, and set it down on a conveyor belt. Another video highlighted the robot making coffee, a task learned using neural networks.


Industry Integration: The company has expressed its intention to deploy humanoid robots in industries with severe labor shortages, such as manufacturing, shipping and logistics, warehousing, and retail. A partnership with BMW was also mentioned, aiming to deploy robots in their South Carolina plant to enhance productivity and reduce costs.


Technological Capabilities: The Figure 01 robot stands at approximately 5’6" and is capable of lifting up to 44 pounds. It has been developed to learn complex tasks quickly, as demonstrated by its ability to insert a coffee capsule into a machine and press the start button after only ten hours of watching videos.


Language Integration: A groundbreaking development was the introduction of advanced language integration capabilities in Figure 1. This allows the robot to interact effortlessly with linguistic prowess, which could revolutionize the traveler experience and has implications for industries like tourism, hospitality, healthcare, and retail.


Ethical and Societal Considerations: As Figure AI continues to advance its humanoid robot technology, there is an increasing need to address the ethical and societal implications of AI integration. Ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical guidelines in the development and deployment of such robots is becoming increasingly important.


These developments indicate that Figure AI is making significant strides in the field of humanoid robotics, with a strong focus on creating robots that can perform tasks that are dangerous, burdensome, or monotonous for humans. The company's progress is marked by substantial financial backing, strategic partnerships, and technological advancements that promise to transform the workforce and various industry sectors.


Figure AI's humanoid robot, Figure 01, is making rapid progress in its development, with advancements in natural language processing and task execution. The integration of OpenAI's specialized AI models has been a catalyst for this progress.

The robot's ability to interact in a human-like manner and perform tasks autonomously without teleoperation is a significant step forward in the field of humanoid robotics.

Figure AI has a significant client in BMW, which plans to introduce general-purpose robots like Figure 01 on its production lines, indicating the potential for practical applications in the near future.


These updates highlight the rapid advancements in the capabilities of Figure 01, positioning it as a potentially transformative technology in the realm of humanoid robotics. The collaboration with OpenAI and the backing from prominent tech figures and companies underscore the industry's confidence in Figure AI's vision and the future of humanoid robots.