Digit Humanoid Robot

Agility Robotics' Digit Robot for 2023:

January 2023

Digit kicks off the year with its debut at CES 2023, showcasing its agile movements and ability to navigate uneven terrain.

February 2023

Agility Robotics announces a partnership with Ford to explore how Digit can assist in warehouse operations and logistics.

March 2023

Agility Robotics Unveils Next Generation of Digit Robot 

  Date:   March 20, 2023

Details:   Agility Robotics announced the launch of the next generation of Digit, the first human-centric, multi-purpose robot designed for logistics work.

Article Link:   [Read more about the next generation of Digit](https://finance.yahoo.com/news/agility-robotics-launches-next-generation-120000647.html).

May 2023

Agility Robotics secures $43 million in Series B funding, fueling further development of Digit and other robots.

June 2023

Digit is featured in a CNN Business article discussing the future of humanoid robots and their potential impact on the workplace

July 2023

Agility Robotics opens RoboFab, the world's first factory dedicated to producing bipedal robots like Digit

August 2023

Digit partners with Amazon to trial its capabilities in warehouse tasks, marking a significant step towards real-world deployment.

September 2023

Opening of RoboFab: World’s First Factory for Humanoid Robots 

Date:   September 18, 2023

Details:   Agility Robotics opened RoboFab™, a robot manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon. This facility has the capability to produce more than 10,000 robots per year, marking a significant step in the mass production of the Digit robot.

Article Link:   [Read more about the opening of RoboFab](https://agilityrobotics.com/news/2023/opening-robofab-worlds-first-factory-for-humanoid-robotsnbsp).

  October 2023

GXO Collaboration and Testing at SPANX Facility 

  Date:   October 24, 2023

Details:   GXO Logistics is collaborating with Agility Robotics to shape the development of the Digit robot. Tests are being conducted at the SPANX facility outside Atlanta

  Article Link:   [Read more about GXO's collaboration](https://agilityrobotics.com/news-and-stories).

  November - December 2023

Amazon Begins Testing Digit Robot for Warehouse Work 

  Date:   Not specified in 2023

 Details:   Amazon started testing Agility’s bipedal robot Digit in its facilities. This testing phase represents a significant move towards integrating Digit into mainstream logistics and warehouse operations

  Article Link:   [Read more about Amazon's testing of Digit](https://techcrunch.com/2023/03/20/amazon-begins-testing-agilitys-digit-robot-for-warehouse-work/).

2024 Advancements for Digit Robot

January 2024 Updates

BMW Deployment: BMW announced plans to deploy Digit robots at its South Carolina manufacturing facility. The robots are intended to automate "difficult, unsafe, or tedious" tasks in automotive production. This move highlights the potential of general-purpose humanoid robots in industrial settings and marks a significant step towards integrating such technology into complex manufacturing processes.


February 2024 Updates

Agility Robotics' Funding and Valuation: Agility Robotics, the creator of Digit, was in talks to raise as much as $675 million in funding, with a pre-money valuation of roughly $2 billion. This funding aimed to accelerate the development of Digit and its deployment across various industries.

Partnership with OpenAI: Agility Robotics announced a partnership with OpenAI to integrate advanced AI models into Digit, enhancing its capabilities for natural language processing and task execution. This collaboration is expected to significantly boost Digit's commercial timeline and its ability to perform complex tasks autonomously.


March 2024 Updates

Operational Visibility with Agility Arc: Agility Robotics introduced Agility Arc, a cloud automation platform for deploying and managing Digit fleets. This platform aims to simplify the deployment lifecycle of Digit robots in logistics and manufacturing operations, providing operational visibility into critical KPIs and streamlining fleet support.

Digit at the Pentagon: Digit made a notable appearance at the Pentagon, demonstrating its capabilities in navigating obstacles, balancing, and picking up objects. This event showcased Digit's advanced robotics technology and its potential applications in both civilian and military contexts.


In March 2024, Agility Robotics made several significant advancements with its Digit Robot, focusing on enhancing its capabilities, operational deployment, and management. Here are the key developments:


Next Generation Launch at ProMat 2023: Agility Robotics unveiled the next generation of Digit, a bi-pedal robot designed for logistics work, at ProMat 2023 in Chicago. This event took place from March 20-23, where Digit performed fully autonomous live demonstrations in a replica warehouse work cell. The demonstration attracted an audience of 45,000 attendees, showcasing Digit's ability to handle bulk material within warehouse and distribution center environments.


Agility Partner Program (APP): Alongside the unveiling of the next generation Digit, Agility Robotics announced the opening of applications for the Agility Partner Program (APP). This program offers partners an exclusive opportunity to shape the development of Digit’s skills and abilities. Initially, the APP will be the only way to purchase the latest generation of Digit, emphasizing the company's commitment to closely collaborating with its partners to refine and enhance Digit's capabilities.


Deployment and Testing by Major Companies: Digit has been tested by Amazon and GXO Logistics, indicating its readiness for real-world applications. Amazon has deployed Digit for moving bins in one of its warehouses, while GXO Logistics recently deployed it at a Spanx warehouse in Georgia. These deployments demonstrate Digit's potential flexibility and utility in various warehouse operations.


Introduction of Agility Arc: Agility Robotics introduced Agility Arc, a cloud automation platform for deploying and managing Digit fleets. Launched at MODEX, Agility Arc simplifies the deployment lifecycle of Digit robots, from facility mapping and workflow definition to operational management and troubleshooting. It provides operational visibility into critical KPIs, streamlines fleet support, and integrates with existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Execution Systems (WES), and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Agility Arc represents a significant step forward in managing and optimizing the performance of Digit fleets in logistics and manufacturing operations.


Partnership with Manhattan Associates and Staff Reductions: Agility Robotics announced a partnership with Manhattan Associates, a leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) provider. This collaboration aims to further integrate Digit into warehouse operations and enhance its utility. However, Agility Robotics also made the difficult decision to lay off some staff members as part of its efforts to commercialize its humanoid robots.


These developments in March 2024 highlight Agility Robotics' continued progress in advancing the capabilities and deployment of Digit Robot. The launch of the next generation Digit, the introduction of Agility Arc, and strategic partnerships and testing with major companies underscore the company's commitment to revolutionizing logistics and warehouse operations with humanoid robotics.


The developments in 2024 reflect significant progress in the capabilities and applications of Digit robots. The partnership with BMW and the deployment in their South Carolina plant underscore the potential of humanoid robots in automating complex industrial tasks.

The collaboration with OpenAI and the introduction of Agility Arc highlight Agility Robotics' commitment to enhancing Digit's autonomy and operational efficiency, making it a more versatile tool for various industries.

Digit's appearance at the Pentagon and its growing presence in logistics and manufacturing indicate a broader acceptance and interest in humanoid robots for practical applications.


These updates demonstrate Agility Robotics' efforts to position Digit as a leading solution in the field of humanoid robotics, with significant advancements in technology and expanding use cases across different sectors.