Androids from Around the World
Science fiction has predicted the androids for many years and scientists are working hard to create artificial humans for decades. See some of the most realistic and bizarre machines with oddly human characteristics. 8:17
Robot can hold conversations and answer questions
Most Realistic Android EVER
Japanese realistic robot girls amazingly real models 0:42
Roboticist Explores Nature of Humanity
Japanese robot expert Hiroshi Ishiguro makes lifelike androids in order to explore what it means to be human. 3:05
Android Humanoid Talking Robot
A simple demonstration of the Avicenna / Ibn Sina humanoid robot, that I programmed in early 2009 using the robot physically created by Hanson Robotics ( It has 30 motors in the face, and 30 motors in the body (neck, shoulders, arms and fingers). The eyes move (including eyelids & eyelashes) and each eyeball has a color camera in it, to recognize who it is talking to (using face recognition software I created). The legs don't move.
Man Sees with 'Bionic Eye'
A man who lost an eye in a shooting accident has been turned into an 'eyeborg', after doctors fitted a tiny camera into his eye socket.
Creepy Singing Android Heads
Creepy Singing Android Heads For $75,000.
Geminoid Robot looks just like its human master
Robot looks just like its master The first Geminoid Summit was held at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) in Nara, Japan, last March. Scharfe attended with his robot double to compare notes with two other Geminoid owners, including the inventor of the Geminoid concept, Hiroshi Ishiguro. According to Scharfe, technologies to make robots more ubiquitous in daily life, such as bipedal walking, better navigation and obstacle avoidance, grasping, image recognition and speech synthesis are improving rapidly. So what will happen when we seriously begin to combine them all?
Artificial Intelligence Human Like Robot 2012
Future is Here
Honda Asimo - New Soul Commercial
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