Androids from Around the World
Robot - Kelly Chen (active)

This is my first time to create the Kelly Robot because this is my dream. But Hong Kong haven't any courses about it. Besides, no more spaces, limited own money and machine to do ( just use the handy Grinding machine & my hands only) at home. You can see my making of or new version 2012 if you interest. :) 0:45

Donna Robot


Japan's Humanoid Hottie

At the 2007 International Robot Exhibition, Kokoro Co., Ltd. exhibited its dental training robot, called Simuloid, as an example of applications for technology that can simulate human expressions, which Kokoro has developed through the manikin-type robot Actroid. During a dental check-up, the robot simulates a patient, reacting through its voice and movements. When the check-up is over, the dental techniques used and the results of treatment to the patient are stored and reviewed. The skin of the manikin's face is very flexible, and the manikin can show reactions like those of real people. For example, it can close and open its eyes, which can also shine or turn dull. It can also blink and can raise its hands. In this way, the manikin can provide practice at responding suitably to patients' reactions and expressions during treatment at a university dental department. The software for the special-purpose computer in the chair unit was developed by J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation, and the tooth units and tooth sensors were developed by Nissin, Inc. and Tokyo Sensor Co., Ltd. Kokoro was in charge of building and controlling the parts of the manikin other than its teeth. 2:46

Ultra Realistic Dental Training Robot - Showa Hanako 2 #DigInfo
Showa University, The Yoshida Dental MFG, Orient Industry, Waseda University, Kogakuin University, tmsuk Showa Hanako 2 4:21
"Real" Love Dolls From Orient Industries #DigInfo

What can I see, this is Real.......they say that in the future one of your Grandkids may Marry one of these. 2:25

Female human robot. 0:26
Android robot
Made by China Xian Superman 0:12
Presentation of Repliee Q2 - Sexy Robots Videos
Repliee Q2 mimics such lifelike gestures as eye blinks, speaking, and breathing. Internal sensors allow Repliee Q2 to react naturally by way of air actuators placed at 42 points of articulation in the upper body. Movement is powered by an external air compressor. The robot is quick enough to react to or fend off a slap and imitates humans with slight shifts in position and the appearance of breathing in the chest. Additionally, Repliee Q2 can further imitate human movement by facing a person with reflective dots placed at key points on the body and by moving in the same fashion. This robot is perhaps the first that deserves to be described with the science fiction term android, or more properly, gynoid, so far used only for fictional robots 5:32
Hanson Robotics is proud to introduce Jules
A quick teaser of the newest and most realistic humanoid robot yet from David Hanson and the team at Hanson Robotics. Meet Jules at Wired NextFest. 1:04
Hanson Robotics is proud to introduce Jules
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